We primarily cultivate our mushrooms outdoors on logs and indoors in a climate controlled space. Within the last year we have also started cultivating mushrooms in woodchip beds and using agroforestry methods.

In addition to cultivating mushrooms, we also practice sustainable foraging methods. Kalvin is not only an avid & knowledgable forager, but he is certified by the Minnesota Mycological Society to identify, gather, and sell a variety of local mushrooms.

Mushrooms and product availability will vary by season. Our mushrooms are currently available for direct purchase to consumers and wholesale to restaurants and grocery stores. Please contact us directly or check out our social media pages for the most up-to-date product availabilities and pricing:

Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms:

  • Shiitake mushrooms – grown outdoors
  • Oyster mushrooms – grown indoors & outdoors
  • Winecap mushrooms – grown outdoors
  • Lion’s Mane mushrooms – grown outdoors & foraged
  • Reishi mushrooms – grown outdoors
  • Morels – foraged
  • Hen of the Woods/Maitake – foraged
  • Chicken of the Woods – foraged
  • Chanterelle mushrooms – foraged
  • Black trumpets – foraged
  • Hedgehog mushrooms – foraged
  • Lobster mushroom – foraged


Mushroom Tinctures (medicinal extracts) – available in 2 fl. oz bottles

$12 each

  • Chaga tincture
  • Lion’s mane tincture
  • Reishi tincture
  • Shiitake tincture